– What will the pet do in a house that has no one? – Paradise without people who are not trampled

What will the pet do in a house without anyone?

(Paradise without people walking on foot)

Come on, Anji, pack your bag and catch up with one of your friends to give her the cat before we leave!

This situation is repeated with people who have cats and travel, or people who have a lot of work, or people who are going to be isolated, or whatever the circumstances that make you have to leave the pet alone.

Is it easy to leave the pet alone, or is it necessary to arrange a kiss? Well, what harm can happen to you or to the pet, whether you leave it alone in the house?

let’s see..

Dogs or cats are by nature very sensitive and gentle beings, they bond with their owner even if the opposite appears, and this is based on their trust in your presence beside them.

Therefore, whenever you disappear or leave the pet for long periods.. it starts to show something called Separation Anxiety (meaning anxiety of leaving), and some symptoms appear on your pet, which we will talk about for a while.

Medicine and this situation comes at all ages or at a certain age?

This condition often begins after the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood From puppy or kitten to adult Because when the pet is young, your relationship with him is not strong, but after he stays with you for a while, he will grow up and get used to you and see your presence as an essential thing in his life.Also, when he is young, he remains attached to his mother more during the breastfeeding period, but after that he considers you You’re a best friend *in Timon’s voice*

Once in a while he will start showing symptoms like:

You will find him attacking locked doors and windows and trying to break them, and he will try to dig in the ground, and he will jerk or moan a lot, and you will also find him defecate and urinate a lot.

And all of this begins to appear after you leave your pet for 30 minutes, until you return it again.

– Well, I have to go to work and leave him alone, what should I do?

Do the right thing đŸ˜€ *In the voice of Mr. Ghassan Matar*

  • Well, in the event that there is no one to take your pet with, you can make it a designated place inside the house so that he can go on his own and it will be safe for him, of course, to sit in it while you are not there. but be careful It is preferable that this place does not have windows or doors beside it, because it can scare him and remind him that you are not there.

  • There is also a very cute thing, which is the Food Toys, and these are toys in which you can put the dryfood Your fiber belongs.. like the one in the picture.. and these toys distract his attention, distract him from the idea of ​​loneliness, and make him focus on reaching for food only, so you will reduce his stress during your absence.

1- You wear the clothes you go out from time to time at home, and you prefer to sit in them.
2- Reduce the lighting of the house as if you were outside.
3- You put the pet in his place while you are at home.

  • Well, there is no escape and you will go out, so in the first place you will reduce the time that you will leave your pet, for example, if you have to leave it for 8 hours a day, then leave it for two hours in the first place, and then gradually increase it.


Well, if you had to leave him alone, and you did all of the above, this guarantees that the pet will 100% not get anything negative?

If the relationship between you and the pet is not strong or deep, the above methods will suffice, but if the relationship between you is very strong and deep, problems may occur despite all these methods.

In this case, we have to resort to medical treatment because of the severity of the pet’s stress and anxiety, and at that time he will be unbalanced in his behavior, and he may suffer because of his violent behavior.


After I read this, I found the solution, and decided that she would not curse her cat again for long periods of time unless she checked on her. And she began to take her to her owner and sit with her until the cat got used to its owner. In the end, she will travel while checking on her cat.

Also, if you find any strange behavior that appeared on your fibers and you do not know what caused it, you can contact us through the Free Consultation service in order to be reassured about it.

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