(The health and nutrition of your pet in a question and answer .. (Part Two

in part One We talked about feeding the pet and what is the best food for them.

But this time, we will go a little deeper, and we will start talking about harmful food, and the symptoms that appear on them due to illness or psychological factors.

let’s start ..

Anyone who has a cat has the saying, “Cats have seven lives.” Isn’t it true?!

Oh, they have 7 lives, but not while they are eating, so it is very important that we take care of the food we give them, because just as there is good food for them, there is other food that harms them.

An example of the food we should avoid:

1- Chocolate:

Chocolate is rich in a substance called Theobromine, which is the problem. Because it stays in the cat’s blood for 24 hours and its pancreas can’t digest it, so keep in mind that a high percentage of it can cause poisoning for the cat.

2- Bite:

Cats love bones very much, even the smell of chicken!

Look, sir

Cats are like small children, their stomachs are thin, so when they eat the cooked bone, it is cut into the abdominal wall, in addition to the fact that the bone is difficult to digest.

3- Garlic, onions and spices:

While you are eating, the cat wants to eat with you. Doesn’t your cat do that?

But keep in mind, we humans are human beings, most of our food contains spices, garlic and onions, and these are very harmful to cats because, as we said, they are delicate creatures.

What does it do to them, garlic, onions and spices?

This is all their job is to enter the red blood cells and break them, so you will notice that the pet has become weak because of the anemia.

Hair loss is a common symptom, and it has many causes, including pathological and psychological ones.

But one of the most common causes is the occurrence of cat immunity.

For example, if you travel, isolate, or give the cat to one of your friends for a while, she will feel that she has changed her place, and she will be affected psychologically because she will feel that she has changed her place, and her hair will start to fall out because the skin is considered the first line of the immune system.

There are other reasons for hair loss, such as:

  • Washing the floor with detergents because it causes them to be allergic and thus the hair will start to fall out. In this case, it is possible to keep the cats away from the place where the detergents are until they dry.

  • Using human shampoo (some of them, not all of them) helps hair fall.

  • The presence of worms in the abdomen, which makes you notice that the cat is completely loose.

  • The bitch during the period, or the dog during the permissive period.

In a disease that is very prevalent in cats, but it is relatively rare in dogs, and its name is (Ear Mites). It is an insect that you find in the ear of the cat, like tea dregs, and it is transmitted as a result of infection from another dog or cat.

Don’t be afraid, don’t transfer to human beings!

And what is his treatment?

Its treatment is simple. Drops in the ear called Bars are placed in the ear once every two days for three or four days.

Cat litter is of 3 types:

  • The first one is the clumbing: (I mean, the sand that gets balled 😀).. How is this nice, how does it get balled? I mean, it turns into a ball after the cat works in it, so it makes it easier for you to remove it from the cliffs, like the BioKat’s and Tidy Cat.

  • As for the Non-Clumbing: (And this is what is left without a ball 😀) you can use it in the event that you are not empty to change the cat every day in the cliffs, because it does not turn into a ball, such as: Tidy Cat or Fresh step.

This behavior is for one of the following reasons:

the first :

The cat keeps having stones and is in pain while she is taking Urine, so she tries to do it in another place because she thinks that the pain is because of the litter.

The second reason:

During the cat’s permissive period, he deliberately works outside the litter box in order to attract the rest of the cats to him because of his strong smell.

This story often comes down to 3 things:

1- The food itself

The percentage of vitamins in food may be low, and it is the vitamins that increase the rate of conversion of food in the body and allow the body to benefit from the food.

And in this case, we resort to an appetizer, which allows the cat’s body to benefit from all the elements of food, such as:
Sanal ,Canina V25Canilatine , A plus B.

2-The psychological state of the cat too!

Cats are negatively affected if you curse them and travel or don’t sit with them or change the place where they live.

3- Worms

One of the most famous reasons for losing weight despite eating a lot is worms, and this is a simple solution, Drontal tablet, and the issue is over.

Every age and why a certain amount of food that the pet eats.. when they are young until they grow up!

  • Starting from the first birth until the age of two months: he eats 5 times a day, the equivalent of 400 to 500 grams.

  • From two months to six months: he eats 3-4 times a day and starts to increase slightly to 900.

  • From six months to 12 months: he eats 2-3 times, which means 1400 grams.

  • From one year and over: from one to two times a day / 1400-2000 grams.

These were the questions that are repeated with most people who have dogs and cats, and surely there are many other questions that everyone of you still wants to ask.

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