(The health and nutrition of your pet in a question and answer .. (Part One

Many hours you have questions about your cat or dog, one time you find him not wanting to eat, hours he does not hear the words, another time he shows some strange symptoms, you still need to know whether these are pathological or psychological causes that led to these symptoms, and hours you still want to know What is the best food, home food or dry food, and what is the best type?

Because their health and nutrition are the most important thing to us, we collected most of the questions we asked from people who keep pets, and we answered them.

I mean, you can consider this article your veterinary guide at home.

These are the answers of one of the doctors on the team, Dr. Hisham.

Let’s see them together…

This is one of the very common questions, because there are people who tried dry food and it caused problems for their pet! But the whole idea is summed up in this type of dry food. There are bad types that we do not recommend at all, because they really cause problems for them, such as stones in the kidneys or in the urinary tract, etc., etc.


Dry food (of a good kind) will be preferable to them from home food, because their body is made up of hair, not skin like ours, so it needs nutrients like Vit. E, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Selenium and Biotin .. And all these elements are not found in home food!

Also, dry food is very important for dogs, because it contains Glucosamine that protects their joints from Hip Dysplasia, and this is about moving the joint from its place and times needing surgeries if there is a severe case, so we are better away from this vortex!

Here are some names for the dry food that we recommend:

  • For cats:


    And this is considered a complete and integrated food for cats, because all the ingredients in it are very balanced and of very high quality, in addition to being easy to digest, and it contains all the ingredients that the cat needs, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats..

  • Belcando
    And this is very popular with dogs, because it contains me chicken meal, And this is of course because of their taste, but it remains as a nutritional value, as it is very rich in the ingredients that his body needs.

This is considered a problem in itself, because the cat does not get all the nutrients it needs, but the solution to this problem is easy and simple!

The idea is to organize eating times, you put the food you want to eat at a certain time for 10 minutes and then take it off, whether you eat it or not! And put it after a while, once in a while you will start eating.

The nature of dry food is that it increases in size and swells with water. If you put a lot of food in it, the cat will eat a lot and the food will swell in her stomach and she will return, so try to make the amount of food suitable.

The amount of dry food varies from cat to dog.

For cats : 40 grams throughout the day, approximately half a cup of tea. Yes, don’t be surprised.. as I read.
As for dogs : 200 gr.

5- How do I let the pet hear my words?

And this question can be repeated with people who brought their pet when it was old.. but there is no problem, everything has a solution

Let us first know the life of the pet is what? .. It’s about eating and playing.


They are the two things that let you control the pet and hear your words..

How else?

There are people who let the food lie 24 hours in front of the pet, he eats whenever he is hungry, so he will no longer need them for anything, and at this moment we can lose our control over them!

What are you supposed to do to make him hear your words?

Give him food at regular times every day, meaning that you give him food for 10 minutes, then take it out and put it again after 8 hours, and so on.

What we want to do is let him starve in this situation, so he needs you!

Note: If you don’t eat for a day or two, nothing will happen. More than that, there will be a problem with eating and it must be replaced.

The second thing that makes you control him is playing, especially in dogs.

Whenever the cat or dog comes to sit and manipulate you, it starts to leave what is in your hand and manipulate it, from here we will lose our control over them. Control must be from us, playing it at the time I want.

Something also for dogs, in the short leesh we can use it for dogs when walking so that you leave half of the dog behind you and half in front of you (meaning it is considered to leave the dog walking parallel to you), if he walks in front of you, then he is the one who took the leadership, and if you walk behind you, you will not see it!

These were some of the questions that were followed.. There are still many other questions that I will post, God willing, just because of the health and nutrition of your fibers, which, as we agreed, is the most important thing for us.

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