The best products for thicker, fuller hair

Do you feel like your hair is a bit flat and lifeless? Looking for some volume to give them that much-needed boost? If so, look no further! In this blog post, we are going to explore all the best products that will help you volumize your hair. From foams to sprays to shampooswhatever your hair style or texture, there are options with specific ingredients that can bring them back to life in an instant! Keep reading for our top tips on how to get maximum body in your hair.

Get thicker hair

Genetics plays an important role in the thickness of your hair. Regardless hair type you are lucky enough to have, nourishing them inside and out is key to maintaining healthy locks. With with age comes slowing of growth, which can result in finer hair; however, several other factors should be considered if this happens unexpectedly, such as stress or alopecia. To help blood flow to a congested scalp, consider adding a scalp scrub to your beauty routine for fuller hair soon.

If you’re looking for alternatives to combat volume and texture loss, fear not! We have compiled a list of best hair thickening products that will make your hair look lush and full. Read on to discover the secrets to regaining the lost glow.

Scientific research to increase hair volume

If you are looking to improve the shine of your hair, research suggests that there are some very promising methods and ingredients that can help you achieve this. Whether it’s increasing the number of locks on your head or temporarily thicken each strandexplore all the possibilities to get thicker hair.

Here are the ingredients that help increase the volume:

saw palmetto

Saw palmetto, a natural herb extract, has been shown to be beneficial in combating hair loss. This is largely due to his influence on hormonal imbalances which can cause excessive thinning of the follicles : Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (THD). While male pattern baldness primarily affects men due to higher levels of these hormones found naturally in them, age or certain life transitions, including pregnancy, may also play a role. Using saw palmetto could therefore help both sexes maintain healthy curls.

rosemary for hair


Rosemary cineole essential oil allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: less hair loss and more growth. Its stimulating and purifying action refreshes your scalp while reducing the appearance of dandruff. Take advantage today of all its benefits for healthier hair

Scutellaria baicalensis

Baicalin harnesses the power of a plant native to Siberia – skullcap – which encourages faster hair growth and helps protect against environmental pollutants, UV exposure and tobacco smoke. This revolutionary extract accelerates renewal in the anagen phase while acting as a powerful antioxidant which protects cells from damage due to oxidative stress.


Get ready to say goodbye to dry, brittle hair! Regular application of soybean oil as part of your hair care routine helps keep your hair hydrated and healthy, making treatments more effective while providing shine and softness.


Wheat germ is an incredibly nourishing superfood for the scalp, promoting hair growth while balancing sebum secretion and stimulating microcirculation. This energy source rich in nutrients effectively combats hair thinning to achieve thicker locks full of vitality.

How long does it take for a product to thicken hair to work?

take care of hair

take care of hair

Preparation and styling products contain special ingredients that create a protective film on each strand of hair or thickeners to give body. In just a few minutes, these highly effective elements begin to work their magic and give your hair maximum volume.

It is essential to prepare in advance to reap the full benefits of dietary supplements for hair growth. To ensure optimal results, allow a period of approximately three months before you see optimal improvements in the condition of your hair.

A daily routine to put in place

Establishing a daily routine of healthy, balanced dietary supplements can be an effective way to stop hair thinning and promote hair growth. This not only nourishes your scalp, but also speeds up overall hair development, for fuller curls.
Have a balanced diet and manage stress are two aspects of life that can have an impact on hair. Spending just four minutes a day massaging the scalp is enough to promote blood circulation and nourish the tissues responsible for thickening strands – this simple method has been proven to work.

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