Should we feel guilty for being happy?

As a perpetually goal-oriented individual, you may be privileged to be able savor the present moments with your children, to benefit from ample creative stimulation, and stay happy. It also allows us to stay in the comfort of our own home – an ambition made possible by a diligent partner who works hard for the well-being of our family. Above all, you stay healthywhich deserves to be appreciated!

So many questions for the pursuit of well-being

The pursuit of dreams and ambitions can often lead to cognitive dissonance : do we really need all this, or is it greedy to want more? We are blessed with the joy and satisfaction of the present moment, yet we are driven by a constant need for something more. It’s almost as if, although we’ve reached financial freedom, success and even trips, our minds felt incomplete without searching for something greater. Is there an ever greater sense of accomplishment that we should continue to pursue? Or should we settle for what brings us moments of joy now ? It is a delicate balance to which each individual must respond for himself.


Joy, a feeling of guilt?

Joy can be an elusive emotion for many, especially in today’s difficult and uncertain world. Those who have less must often actively seek it in order to find momentary respite from the struggles of life. Unfortunately, the search for joy can be accompanied by a feeling of guilt ; one may wonder if one should feel guilty for rejoicing while others are suffering in difficult times. The answer may be not to feel guilty, but rather to use that joy as fuel, to use it as motivation to help spread it around those in need so that everyone can experience its healing power, and love of self.

be happy

be happy without feeling guilty

What if the joy multiplies?

As a new year approaches, a wide variety of thoughts can invade our minds. Inevitably, this leads us to consider the current state of pain and suffering in humanity. We can’t help thinking about our own moments of joy and being presents at the thought that so many of our fellow human beings struggle every day. However, we must not subtract from our happiness a means of remedying the situation. We must find joy even when problems surround us; it is an act of resilience in difficult times. Furthermore, joy can become contagious when shared with others, which is another source of hope for those who are experiencing hardship around us. Acknowledging suffering is essential, but remembering that joy exists in unexpected places offers a healthy dose of reflection and an opportunity to bring peace to the world.

The trap of wanting more brings more guilt

In a world of materialism, it is easy to compare what we have with what others have and worry that our lives won’t measure up. We often fall into the trap of wanting more, which can lead us to feel guilty for being unhappy or ungrateful for our current situation. This is especially true when the blessings in our lives become so numerous that it almost seems wrong to want anything else. However, this guilt can also be an opportunity for us to practice gratitude and to take stock of all the benefits of our life. By taking time each day to appreciate what we have, we can reach a place of peace that allows us to more joyfully explore any additional desires and interests we have.

Empathy, but without forgetting yourself

It’s good to be happy, and there is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying life. However, it is important to keep in mind that this privilege is not granted to everyone in the world. If empathy can often cause us to focus only on people in difficulty, we must remember that our own happiness is equally valid and important. As we strive to find ways to improve the lives of others, we must also find a balance between the expression of kindness and the belief that celebration of our own personality can help make the world a better place – because as long as we love and value ourselves, we will have a lot more love left to share with those around us!


to be satisfied


It can be difficult to reconcile this feeling of ambition with the idea that it is enough to be satisfied. For some time we have struggled to make peace with these ideas, but in reality what is understood is that ambitions and the desire to do more do not come from discontent or a need for material goods. On the contrary, the pursuit of what we want in life brings us joy. This is not an ungrateful state of mind; it’s just understanding that part of the joy comes from pushing ourselves to do more. Knowing this has empowered and set us free, for we now see that if we just sit still and stop pushing ourselves, any residual joy will quickly dissipate. That’s why it’s so important for us – and for everyone – to stay ambitious and never forget the joy that pushing yourself can bring.

Some mantras to overcome cognitive dissonance

I can love my life and want more of it.

I can find joy in my children and want to spend time with them.

I can be fulfilled and want more job satisfaction.

I can be satisfied and want to create more.

I can love my loved ones and want to be alone.

I can be mom and I can be me.

For each of us

To be a parent, to create, to simply live…no matter what we do in life, nowadays it seems that we are never able to slow down. We have a million different roles to play and it can be exhausting! But even amid all that stress and tension, it’s entirely reasonable to feel contentment and even happiness. After all, joy in our work and relationships is something to be celebrated ! We should not hesitate to express our joy just because others do not have the same experience as us. It’s time we felt comfortable celebrating our life’s successes, regardless of others who may or may not feel the same way!

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