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Introduce your dog to the world

Farida wanted a dog to put in her garden and play with, and she got a 9-month-old dog.

The first time she met him, she was very happy with him, but she met a problem.. that every time she went out to play with him, she found him hiding from her, and he didn’t want to play with her at all, even though she tried a lot with him and brought him a lot of toys, but also the same problem, he didn’t want to play with her.

Let’s understand together what is the cause of this problem..

Let us agree that the pet is exactly like the children, so we know the pet at the beginning of his life on everything around him. At first you may find him afraid, then again he will distance himself from you, and this is because he is no longer aware of the world around him when he is born.

You are also considered an important part of his life, so as much as you care about him, you will find him social and able to deal with the environment around him, but if you neglect him, you will find him withdrawn and afraid of everything.

And the idea of ​​raising a pet depends on adapting it to the place in which it is and getting to know it, as “Tarzan” lived in the forest, and was accustomed to this being his natural environment.

For example, if we bring a dog that sits with a group of cats for a period of time, often at the age of 12 weeks, you will find the dog present with the cats rather than the rest of the animals. This is the result of his adaptation to live with them at a young age.

From the age of 3 weeks, a very important stage in the puppy’s life begins, which is the Sensitive Period, and this is the stage through which the pet interacts with the world around it and gets to know it, as this is greatly reflected in the behavior of the puppy.

This stage affects him either positively or negatively, meaning:

* If the pet had a bad experience or even no experience at this stage at all, this will lead to the existence of many problems for the rest of his life, such as that he may be afraid of you or his toys, and he will consider anything new as dangerous to him. His games, he hid and didn’t want to play *.

And usually the problem of fear in dogs comes back, that they originally belong to the wolf family, in the wild they are always alert, and expect any danger to them, so they consider any strange thing a danger to them.

* As for the pet that passes through this stage correctly, it will reflect after that on its behavior greatly. You will find him easily listening to your words, very smart in his actions, and able to understand you. Because he adapts to the environment around him and is able to deal with it easily.

* NB :

Taking care of the pet at this stage is very important, because it will be easier to educate and adapt it than in the advanced stages of its life. Because in the advanced stages, dealing with it will be more therapeutic than educational. “Not after he was young.. and read the book.” That is why we resort to medical treatment if the dog is old like Farida’s dog.

5 tips for your dog to be social

And as we said in the first place, you are the important part and the main axis on which the pet’s life revolves, so here it is your role to introduce the pet to the world around him through these tips:

1- You can increase the number of social visits, so that he gets used to the presence of many people in the house, and gets used to dealing with them.

2- As for his food, try to let all family members give him his own food, in order to break his fear barrier and prevent him from acting aggressively if someone gives him food.

3- You can also take great care of his hygiene every day, even if he does not need it, just because you strengthen your relationship with him and get him used to hearing your words and being your follower.

4- Let your dog be more social by dealing with other dogs, but try to wear a muzzle over his left so that he does not start attacking other dogs because of his fear or as a means of self-defense.

5- Never take your dog out using the leash and the muzzle and let him see the world around him and love him with love remove the muzzle and then the leash until you end up participating in dog competitions 😀


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