How to keep your dog in the heat

Animal acquisition
Pets in Egypt began to spread widely, and of course, there was a great lack of basic information
Which should be with any breeder, and sometimes we expose our animals to difficult and possible sick situations
We hurt them without knowing, so we will talk in this simple article about an existing problem
Nowadays, unfortunately, many people are getting hurt from their dogs, and it may lead to the death or injury of the dog
Serious complications such as convulsions and kidney failure.

That’s why heat shock in dogs is considered a condition
It is an emergency and needs to be treated immediately, and this is because dogs do not sweat except for a very small part between
Their fingers and also can’t stand high temperatures like humans.
Dogs depend on the process of (panting) to exchange hot and cold air, so that’s why
If the temperature around the dog is high, the (panting) process will not be sufficient to set the temperature
his temperature.

When will I get the shock?
heat in dogs?

-You leave him in
Arabic in the free air

Hard training in
Wet and hot weather

-The dog would be out
Bulldog, Pug, Pekingese

If the dog suffers
From a heart or lung disease that affects his breathing

– The dog would be
Gagged while drying his hair with any hair dryers

– The dog would be
Has a high temperature or has convulsions

– He’s sitting on me
Asphalt or concrete for a long time

-He’s sitting far away
Shade and not water in the heat

– He’s going
Heat shock before

How do I know that
The dog got heat shock?

The dog is showing clear symptoms, such as difficulty
Breathing and panting exaggeratedly, and his tongue and mouth are bright red in color, and rial
The dog will be very heavy, and the dog may also vomit.

The dog’s tractor goes up to
40° to 43.3°C , The dog starts to show it off
Unsteadiness and possible bloody diarrhea

And in the advanced stages
His color fades, he gets convulsions, and death is his fate, unfortunately

How can we catch up?
The dog and treat him if he got a heat shock?

Emergency procedures kit
It must be used to cool the dog

We must move the dog from the heat source immediately
And we move it to a place where it is well ventilated, and it is preferable if it is air-conditioned

Take his temperature each 10 Dqaiq to be assured that
His condition has not deteriorated

If the temperature is high
Sprinkle cold water on him and start wiping his body with it
And it can be stopped wet in front of a fan
. This cooling process is complete
To some extent its temperature is less than
39Then we dry the dog

If the topic was reached
To this high temperature or any symptoms such as cramping or swelling in the neck and I don’t know
Treat or let the dog get better and see a veterinarian immediately

And for prevention is good
From treatment, how do we keep the dog from these thermal shocks?

The dogs she has
If a mother has a respiratory problem or illness, she prefers to stay at home in an air-conditioned place or in front of a fan during bad weather
Heat and high humidity

Be careful not to let the dog in
Arabic, and the window is closed, even if it is parked in a shadowy place

If you are traveling, do not take the dog
In a box whose ventilation is poor, it is preferable to have a wire box so that it can breathe

Exercising is prohibited
Free air

Save a place that has gone astray and cold water
For the dog, especially if it is in the garden outside the house

– Do not walk on asphalt in hot weather, because the skin of his feet may burn

Thus, you will be able to preserve
On the health of your pet friend and you can make him happy
As his presence in your life makes you happy, and this is simply what we are in
happy We are trying to communicate that your relationship with the pet is the same
A meaning that leads to your happiness and protects you from any possible harm.
In order to be able to achieve this mission, you will always find us available to help you by phone 01022337450
Or home visits or clinic because
We can give you the awareness required to preserve your fibers, and we can also do it (
) Periodically and Nadelh necessary fortifications, why, if
We want to contact you for a consultation, to book a home visit, or to get us the clinic to register
Your information, your phone number, is in this link

We will contact you to help you and solve any problem
facing you.

And you can also help that we communicate this awareness to everyone
People and share with them the information and advice we provide to make the life of the pet happier.

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