Cat vaccinations and their prices: prevention is better than cure, your comprehensive guide

Cat vaccinations and their prices: prevention is better than cure, your comprehensive guide

  • God, Sarah, your cat is very sweet, and she loves to play.. How old is she?
  • A month and a half will pass 😀
  • No.. I see that it is not necessary.
  • Are you joking.. This is very important, my daughter! .. Especially in the type of your cat, because it will protect him from diseases that die.

There are many people like Sarah, who see that cat vaccinations are a secondary thing, but it is the most important thing in the life of any pet, and it protects him from diseases, and avoids you from worrying that you are indispensable!

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Vaccination works on the inside of the cat’s body

Ok, what is the idea of ​​immunization?

Do you remember when you were young at school, the doctor in the school used to come and give the whole class a measles vaccination?

You know, what I took was a microcosm of the measles disease itself, so that the body takes this photo and stores it and forms antibodies for it!

When the disease comes, it attacks you.. You find the immunization working and saying, “This is similar to what I have.” And it starts attacking it, producing antibodies and protecting you from the disease.

And this is exactly the same as what happens in the body of your pet, by replacing it with a small image of the parvovirus, for example (which is present in the triple or quadruple immunization), and the body begins to photograph it and stores it in its white blood cells (Memory cell).

Because when your fiber is in a place where there is an infection, or you transfer it from another pet, its immune system begins to remember the picture of the immunization that it took, and it produces antibodies to the disease.

Diseases that need cat vaccinations

Viruses like this are around us and can infect the pet at any time, and viruses in general have no cure, so we must immunize the pet from them.

Prevention is better than cure, so we must get one step ahead of the virus, immunize the pet, and raise the immune system so that it is ready when the virus attacks.

In your hands, you protect the pet, and in your hands, you die. This is your decision.

These diseases vary from dogs to cats.

1- Panleukopenia, which is similar to parvo in dogs and has the same symptoms, causing reflux, bloody diarrhea, and fever.

2- A disease that affects the respiratory system, called Calicivirus, and results in ulcers in the mouth, tongue and nose of the cat.

Cat vaccination schedules

Now, of course, you are asking about immunization dates. not right ?!

We stayed in happy This is the system that we are vaccinated with in any home visit, and it can change according to the interest of the pet, according to the nominations of the WSAVA This is the largest international veterinary organization

Its fortifications are summarized in two fortifications, and they are repeated:

1- Quaternary vaccination of cats, starting at the age of two months, and repeated 3 weeks later.

2- Rabies vaccination for cats at the age of 3-6 months, and it is repeated every year.

3- Vaccination of worms and insects for cats

An important note about cat vaccinations:

* Any immunization where it is injected will be under the skin, so keep in mind that the doctor will prescribe the immunization for your fibers so that it does not fall into the wrong place and harm your fibers.

* Also, it is very important to administer the worming dose 14 days after the day you gave it to him for the first time, in order to eliminate the entire life cycle of the worm, which consists of Adult, then Egg, then Larve.

The first dose kills the adult, but the egg is still there, so I waited until it hatched and gave me the Larva, and this is on the 14th day in which I give the second dose.

And that’s why you can’t be a day late, otherwise you’ll have to start over and over again.

Why did you wait for this age to protect my pet?

When a pet is born, it is suckled from the mother’s milk “colostrum”, it contains the immune bodies that the newborn takes from its mother.

And it begins to decrease at the 12th week of the newborn’s life.. So here comes the role of immunization, which makes the newborn pet’s body form its own immune bodies instead of the ones he took from his mother, which began to decrease.

Cat vaccination prices in Egypt 2019

The price of quadruple vaccination for cats is 250 pounds.

The price of rabies vaccination for cats is 200 pounds.

Worm disc for 4 kg, 50 pounds.

Insect ampoule for 4 kg 50 pounds.

In order to keep your fiber healthy, take care of it, and don’t forget to re-immunize it, you can make a re-immunization reminder on your mobile phone. Or let us take care of this task.

Habit doctors are always there for you all the time, you can consult us at any time on the number 0102233450 and we will always be there to help you,
And at any time when the re-immunization came and you are not able to go out of the house, you will find us there because we also take care of him and his health through the home visit service.

You can register your data from here. We will call you to tell you exactly what vaccinations your cat needs
And a doctor from Habit Clinic will come home to feed your cat

Damages of not following cat vaccinations

The problem is that cats are not vaccinated in two points

  • *Problems for the cats themselves

In the case of infection with worms, this causes hair loss and paralysis, and with time it causes anemia and intestinal obstruction.

In the case of infection with viral diseases, some of them are fatal and some cause symptoms, which greatly weaken cats.

* Problems for those who deal with cats

In the event that the cat is infected with a disease such as rabies, and it scratches or bites a member of the house, this may lead to death, so it is necessary to take caution and adhere to the vaccination schedule.

Symptoms after cat vaccinations

*High temperature .

* rewind.


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