Morales and Serra highlight the key role of nurses in the sustainability of the health system on the island and in the Canary Islands

Morales and Serra highlight the key role of nurses in the sustainability of the health system on the island and in the Canary Islands

  • “Public health is a pillar to avoid the collapse of the social equality coverage that our constitutional system proclaims,” said the president of the Cabildo today.
  • “Their role is key to guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of the health system,” emphasized the rector of the ULPGC.
  • The dean of Health Sciences highlighted the involvement and effort of the teaching staff to maintain excellence
  • “This is the best profession in the world,” proclaimed the Director of Nursing at the Insular Hospital, Virginia León.
  • “We know how to be. And we are in the worst moments,” said the president of the Las Palmas College.

Gran Canaria, May 15, 2024. The president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales, and the rector of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), Lluís Serra, agreed today in pointing out the crucial importance of nurses in the sustainability of the health system on the island and in the of the Canary Islands, as highlighted at the opening of the official event on the occasion of 50 years of training for nursing professionals held at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

“The strength of public health is an essential pillar to prevent the collapse of the cover of social equality that our constitutional system proclaims,” said Morales, who highlighted that “the educational and scientific work of the Faculty has allowed us to have professionals from an extraordinary value, without whom it would be unthinkable to respond to the growing needs of the Gran Canaria population.”

“And I congratulate you above all for continuing to transmit the values ​​that characterize the exercise of this vocational profession, motivated by the desire to help others based on science, but also from a deep conscience and social sensitivity,” added the island president.

For his part, Serra stated that “the role of nurses is essential for the functioning of the health system at a global level” and pointed out that their contribution is crucial “to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of care at all stages of care.” life”.

Furthermore, the rector emphasized that the Faculty of Health Sciences of the ULPGC is located among the best in Spain. Among the challenges for the near future, he cited the incorporation of a Doctorate program that promotes the development of new lines of research.

The dean of the Faculty, María del Mar Tavío, valued the work of the teaching staff and the entire team at the center, since “their involvement, effort and enthusiasm” manages to maintain the level of demand and excellence that characterize these studies in its headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, with an annual offer of 250 places.

After Tavío, the Director of Nursing of the Insular Hospital, Virginia León, took the floor, giving a historical tour that made a key stop in the creation of the Insular Hospital and the School of Nursing, where the beginnings of these studies in Gran Canaria were conceived. . “This is the best profession in the world,” she concluded with a hint of pride and clear emotion.

The president of the Las Palmas College of Nursing, Rita Mendoza, also spoke at the event, stating that the profession “has turned the defense of life into something everyday” along with “values, responsibility, dignified treatment, rigor and presence. We know how to be. And we are in the worst moments,” she asserted.

Avoid “the advance of the shadow of inequality”

“The only debate should focus on finding the way to provide the best possible care to all citizens, leaving out of any discussion the common objective of providing a universal and quality public service to all people, whatever their condition. . That is the horizon that must guide our steps. The opposite would mean an advancement of the shadow of social inequality that we cannot accept,” Morales also pointed out in his speech.

“In this context of the celebration of International Nursing Day,” he explained, “it is worth remembering that the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations are closely linked to health, understood from a global approach that must be applied in all policies. , including those related to sustainability. The perspective of the UN is clear: a world without solid health structures is an unsustainable and at risk world.”

“However, the truth is that we are living in difficult times for the health system. And this causes us to see how elements of the welfare state that we took for granted are faltering, a circumstance that forces us to remain vigilant, always attentive to any attempt to retreat,” he warned.

The president stated that “the people who embody the front line of health care are, precisely, those who suffer from material and personnel shortages. And the nurses know a lot about this, a professional body made up of more than 15,000 professionals in the Canary Islands, eighty percent women.”

“Faced with this situation, we must promote a common front to fight against job instability, precariousness and multiple daily difficulties. These are problems that affect precisely those who are the body and soul of health care. And, consequently, also with the users, the final recipients of a structure subject to pressures and shortcomings. We have to take care of those who care, because it is the most logical and, in this case, also the most fair,” he encouraged.

He recalled that “the history of Nursing in Gran Canaria is closely linked to the Cabildo due to the efforts that the island Government carried out to implement true public health in our land, far from its conception as charity, a field to which it was relegated in the “practice their benefit due to the abandonment to which the islands were subjected.”

“The first thing that this often forgotten population demanded was infrastructure. This Council made possible the opening of the Insular Hospital, a milestone in this evolution of the Gran Canaria health system which was followed, very shortly after, by the promotion of the School of Nursing,” he recalled.

“In this sense, and within the framework of its field of action, the Cabildo maintains direct collaboration with the nursing profession, which plays an essential role in the island network of social and health centers. We also collaborate in the Health Education project, or with the upcoming innovation plan to bring care closer to the most needy population,” Morales explained.

“These are initiatives that add to the support of the Cabildo to promote health in Gran Canaria, advancing rights and social justice with the most ambitious Social and Health Plan in two decades, or the advancement of financing for major works, such as the transformation of the former Tafira Psychiatric Center or the Los Salesianos de Guía School,” he concluded.

The inaugural session concluded with another unison song, in this case the performance of the Choir-Schola Cantorum of the University, after which a plaque was unveiled that commemorates fifty years of training in the field of nursing that invites people to continue in the field. I strive for many more decades.

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